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Once people used to wear t-shirts as a comfortable undergarment. Mostly the European and American soldiers used to wear t-shirts under their uniform to stay comfortable. But then the t-shirt got trendy because of Hollywood. They first wore a t-shirt and we eventually got inspired by them. But nowadays it's a mandatory thing that is available in everyone's wardrobe. The very first time we got familiar with the t-shirt, then it was simple attire but now there are various types of mens t shirts to choose from. You can buy t-shirts for men online as we don't get that much of time for offline shopping so this is the most reliable option for us.


There are various styles for every occasions and t-shirt can be worn in any type of occasion or office purpose.


  • The Crew Neck: Crew neck t shirt for men is one of the best for men and most that have long or oval face type it will suit them the most. The style is very unique and it has a round or circular neckline which fits properly on men with sloped shoulders. You can wear it for any purpose like the office or casual get together.
  • V-Neck Style: This is undoubtedly one of the cool t-shirts for men it has a v neck style and men with broad shoulders would fit into this so well. The type of this t-shirt will look flattering on them and complement their body shape. It can be worn with any unbuttoned shirt to give it a classier look.
  • Polo T-shirt with Collar: Polo mens t shirts looks amazing on every man. It has its own formal look and you can literally wear this everywhere. The collar usually made of thick cotton to give it more a shirt like a look. It comes in solid colours as well as different printed styles. You can pair it up with any formal pants or denim.
  • The Henley- Y Neck: Mens t shirts have made a commendable comeback in the last few years. This t-shirt looks like the hybrid version of v and the crew neck t-shirts. It has buttons starting from the neckline and continues for a few inches till chest. If you have a muscular body shape, this style of the t-shirt will look absolutely flattering on you. You can wear this with your favourite pair of denim.
  • The Scoop Neck: These styles of t-shirts usually flaunt the metrosexual look. It has a deep neckline which ends a few inches below the collarbone area. This t-shirts comet-shirt solid colours and graphics design in the front area. You can buy t-shirts online because you will get a hell lot of options to choose from.
  • Baggy style t-shirt: Though this is a 90's style it has made its comeback with a bang. This style is very popular among the young generation. It fits loose in the sleeve area and fits loose on the body too. This can be wear for any casual occasion or on any vacation to stay comfy.
  • Pocket Style: This is a very trendy and fashionable and loved by many college goers. This t-shirt has a pocket on the left breast which makes it unique. The pocket especially looks very different from the other ones. You can wear this style with any of your casual bottomwrear.
  • Graphic T-shirt: Graphic cool t-shirts for men are a must have for every man. If you're a college goer or office. You must add a graphic t-shirt in your wardrobe. It comes in various styles and somehow it reflects the pop culture from 90's era. Mostly this style has every sort of artistic display on it.


There are not only the styles of t-shirts but they also have different types of sleeves as well. Few of them are very popular and a must have of course!


  • Raglan Sleeve: These are the long sleeve t-shirts which are available in both full and three-quarter sleeves. The design is inspired by the baseball uniforms so it looks a bit sporty as well. Full sleeve t-shirts look absolutely stunning as well.
  • Sleeveless T-shirt: This is the perfect summer wear or beach wear. It looks amazing on muscular body shape men. It is also known as a tank top and this t-shirt has a comparatively deeper neck so you can show off your muscular body.
  • Full-Sleeve T shirts: This t-shirt you can wear for any sort of purpose like office, casual party, date. And if you have a muscular biceps, full sleeves t shirts will look flattering on you. This is also one of the most loved t-shirts by men.


There are a few more styles that need to be mentioned.


  • Plain T-shirt: These types of t-shirts give you a sporty look usually come in solid colours. And this looks flattering on everybody. If you're muscular or have normal body shape, you will look classy in this. A plain white or black t-shirt along with dark shade bottom would give you the dashing sportswear look than ever.
  • Printed T-shirt: Printed t-shirts for men mostly have a slogan on the front part. Though nowadays you can even customize your slogan or anything according to your choice. Apart from that, there are plenty of t-shirts that would match your vibes without any doubt. You can wear this as a college uniform or office or any casual get together.
  • Hooded Style: Hoodie style is very popular among everybody. Especially if you're a swag lover, you should definitely have this in your wardrobe. These cool t-shirts for men mostly comes in a solid colour and you can wear this for the gym, college, or if you're on any vacation. This comes in both sleeveless and half sleeves so that you can choose according to your preference.


T shirt for men is the most comfortable wear and nobody can deny it! Most of the men have a lot of t-shirt in their wardrobe. And even in the past few years, the styles have upgraded amazingly and the designers have experimented a lot with a t-shirt for men. You can either buy them from online stores or physical stores also have a great collection of t-shirts. You should immediately add some new styles in your wardrobe if you haven't yet.

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