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Drop the Heat this Summer – Get Sharbats Online


The summer in India is the toughest season one can ever encounter, with the scorching heat taking charge and the humidity being a cherry on the cake, try sharbats online for a smooth summer experience.

In this scorching summer slipping into some loose cotton and lighter fabric can let your skin breath, the sharbats are the sherbet can help your body cool inside out. People rush to juice stalls to sip in a glass of iced lemon water or sugarcane juice.

Focusing on the drink origin, the sherbet descended from the Western part of Asia and the recipe consisted of flower petals and fruit pulp. Varying from the orange, apple, rose petals, mango and pomegranate juice to virgin cocktail punch, the list of summer drinks goes on. The online food shopping does not limit you to ordering savory or snacks, buy sharbats online are also raising the bar of online drinks delivery.  Here is a list of super tasty and cool summer sherbets that is surely going to help you beat the heat. 

  1. Sharjah Shakes

- The modern day chefs keep on experimenting with the drinks in order to make it healthier as well tasty for the consumers. The Sharjah has been a favorite thandai online, too many since the early 90’s when it first came into existence. Basically, the drink is the simple banana shake served with a dollop of rich ice-cream and smooth cream layering. However, one can always change the base fruit as per their taste. Mango can be a better substitute for the banana. 

  1. Kulukki Sharbat- Order Sharbat online

and you encounter drinks which are otherwise not available in the local stores. Punch drinks are one of them. Though you can easily make them at home, get some rest and order the drink online. Naruneendi syrup is anyway a must have to prepare the Kulukki sharbat, the lemon juice, birds eye Thai chills and soaked basil being the other variables in the drink. Stir the juice up with cubes of ice and you are all set to sip in the perfect summer drink.


  1. Fruit Cocktail-

Fruit cocktails are the go-to drink you can prepare on a lazy and tiring summer noon.  Roughly chop all the favorite seasonal fruits and add in some water and mix it with some sugar, salt and pepper powder to match your taste. Curd can also be a good essential drink ingredient that will make the drink creamy and of course chill to the heat this summer. Get the Squash online to satisfy your fruit cravings.


  1. Ice Tea-

Here is a drink to all the tea lovers. Take a break from the hot tea in the already hot summer.  Sip in some cold flavored ice tea and enjoy the perfect summer evenings.  Be it a black tea or your healthy green tea, just add in some slice of lemon, sugar cubes and spices you like and of course the lovely ice cubes and you are all set to sip tea.  The restaurants adding the extra zing to ice tea mix it with flavored syrups like cranberry, maple and strawberry.


  1. Lemon or Mango Juice-

Now, we all know that nothing can be better than the tangy lemons in the summer. Cutting the extra flab that the lazy summer gifted you, the lemon drink comes to your rescue.  Squeeze the juice out of two lemons and add water, salt, sugar cubes and cooling herbs that you would love and shake it well. Add some cubes of ice to make it chilled and your homemade simple summer drink is ready. Mango being the summer fruit staples is also good fruit juice options. The cocktail raw Aam Panna and the ripe mango pulp juices served by many cafes and drink houses to let their customers taste the summer.

The Indian summers could not have been better without the sherbets.  Seasonal fruits, curd, herbs, and cooling spices can always change the heat game with soothing summer smoothies and drinks. Ice creams can also be a good choice, but the healthiest option is the drinks always!

However, one should also remember that the roadside drink shops not always maintain the hygiene and use water that can be contaminated and because of all the possible harm to your immune system so you can try sharbats online. Or else it is recommended to carry a bottle of flavored water or fruit juice that will help you stay hydrated all day long.

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