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Know About all Types of Belly Shoes for Women

Belly shoes are a special type of flat shoes that consists of a close-toe and closed-back design. Bellies for girls are actually inspired by a particular type of slippers called as ballet slippers, which were worn by ballerinas in early days. These shoes became famous from then and are going popular since then. Woman and girls love to wear belly shoes as they enhances the beauty of their legs. Bellies look pretty and decent and can be worn in any season with any dress. However, they look great when paired up with short dresses and tight dresses. There are numerous designs of bellies of different colors available in the market nowadays. If you don’t have time to visit the market for buying bellies for you, you can buy bellies online from our website. Online websites displays a huge collection of bellies available in different designs, shapes, and colors. To know more details about the bellies, we need to explore the history of belly shoes.

Origin of bellies
The concept of bellies was taken from ballerinas who used to wear ballet slippers. In fact, the term 'bellies' is derived from the term ballet itself. Ballet is a type of dance, which involves some tricky and technical dance moves. Due to these dance moves, ballet dancers used to wear ballet slippers which helped them to develop a firm grip to the ground while dancing while also keeping them safe from slipping and falling.

Current Scenario for Bellies
Nowadays, belly shoes have evolved from classic slippers of the ballerinas. The prime differences between the bellies and classic slippers are that classic slippers are worn for a particular purpose whereas bellies are for fashion. Women and girls wear bellies in parties and clubs generally for bringing out the entire look of their outfit. Belly shoes come in various designs. There comes different types of belly shoes to be worn for different occasions. Some women buy bellies from online sale column of different websites. Women bellies online shopping in India is very common nowadays. Bellies that are available online come in a wide range of variety and you can choose from them. We are committed to deliver the bellies to your doorstep and that too in a short span of time. If the product received by you does not fit you well or is damaged or faded, you can return it back to us and order other one for you. In case you need a refund and do not want to order any other product for you, you can even ask for the same and we will refund your complete amount to your account.

If you explore our website, you will notice that we offer a great discount to our customers on most of the products. The belly shoes available with us are cheaper than the ones you get from the market. Also, the quality of products available with us is always better. Belly shoes are considered to be highly durable and you wouldn't have to worry about its damage or breakage for a long time.

Difference between classic ballet slippers and belly shoes
The main difference is ballet slippers are utilitarian and belly shoes are just for fashion. Another difference is bellies are available in a lot more types of designs and colors. And not only variety, but they are also more comfortable than belly shoes. Bellies for girls or woman are very comfortable and versatile and can easily be slipped on. They do not contain any types of heels hence, are very comfortable and gets adapted beautifully to our feet. They can be worn with all types of casual dresses. You can also wear them at a party. Most women finds it difficult to walk with heels but also don't want to compromise on fashion. At that time, this can be the best option for them. For all those women who love to look elegant by wearing nice footwear but can't walk on heels nicely, bellies are best suited for them. It will make them look super gorgeous and super pretty.

For almost all the girls and women, the belly shoes are a great way to combine trend style and comfort. Belly shoes are available in a plethora of colors and designs, which are often inspired by the latest footwear trends. Some are made up of leather whereas the others are made of denim. They all look cute and comfy.

What are Belly shoes made of?
A lot of different materials are actually used to create belly shoes. Be it leather, suede to any other beautiful textile. The types of bellies that are the simplest and most affordable are made up of fake leathers. They look completely elegant. Pure leather varieties of bellies can also be used on a daily basis as they last for a longer time. The shoes for women are of various colors and designs, which mostly depends upon the type of manufacturing material used. For instance: leather shoes can be of Choco brown color whereas denim shoes can be blue. It highly depends upon the manufacturing material used. Bellies are also often made up of plastics that can be of various colors and designs as well. Plastic bellies should be worn on rainy days because they are unbreakable and water or mud can't cause any harm to them. Suede shoes also look very elegant and should be worn on formal events along with formal dresses. They will make you look super awesome as well.

Types of bellies
Bellies are available in various prints and designs such as checks, dots, stripes, flowers, prints, etc. There are various technically inspired bellies available in the market, which have embroidered designing and other interesting Indian works including the zari work and resham work. Various varieties of bellies with latest indo-western looks are also available in the bellies marketplace. You can buy them according to your choice.

You can buy bellies from our store, which is an online site for belly selling. We deliver high quality and authentic bellies in all parts of India. We always believe in satisfying our clients by giving them quality products. You can order bellies online from our site as women bellies online shopping in India is very common. So, if you are also searching for some good online store for buying bellies then our company can be the best option for you. We will deliver the footwear at your doorstep within 2-3 days of the confirmation of the order. So ladies, get ready for some bellies online shopping.

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